Career. In turn Architect, Interior Designer and Designer, this three-dimensional approach has opened up his horizons and enriched his palette to create his distinct style that today, draws him towards Interior and Furniture Design.

Signature Style. Sculptural and oversized pieces, brilliantly luxurious, a sense of glamour pushed to the extreme, a vison of luxury that is ultra comfortable in the spirit of the 1970’s. Spectacular, futuristic lines infuse spaces that blend ultra-modernity with classicism, and the angular with the curvaceous.

He loves. The effect of materials; marble’s power when used for a ‘total look’, the gleam of polished brass, the feel of wooden wall panelling, the omnipresence of mirrors that expand volumes and jumble perspectives.

Showstoppers. In particular his tables encrusted with precious stones with polished brass legs, futuristic armchairs in astrakan and rich velvets. An overall style that is often cinematographic and brings to mind the 70’s universe of James Bond.

What’s up. A chalet in Gstaad, a duplex in Beirut, a home in Lebanon, the boutique of the fashion designer Stéphane Rolland in the Eithad Tower in Abu Dhabi as well as the transformation of private Parisian apartments, are amongst his prestigious projects. Luxury brands such as Fendi Casa or Holly Hunt, with whom he collaborates, are charmed by his Decorative Arts references.