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How to Add a French Touch to the Home

Be the first to read the decorating tips we shared with Vogue magazine, and… Play it like the French!

People often wonder how to do it: how do you inject a touch of French style into your home?

Our co-founder Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays gave some great insights on the matter to Hayley Maitland of Vogue Britain; now, we want to share them with you.


But first, let’s define “French Aesthetic”: elegance and poetry, artisanal details, a taste for harmony, a little classicism and sobriety, and an aversion to bling… In other words, all the furniture you’ll find on The Invisible Collection!


And now, here are Isabelle’s decorating tips:


Invest in Iconics

Like a family heirloom that you keep and then pass on, choose well the piece of furniture that will have a special place in your home, in your heart and in your collection: the designs you choose today will be tomorrow’s icons. Get inspired by the work of some of the most talented contemporary interior designers and architects, including Pierre Yovanovitch, Charles Zana, Hubert Le Gall, Pierre Augustin Rose, Vincent Darré.


Less is More
French homes are rarely overbearing, there is always a certain sobriety and a quest for harmony. Don’t clutter the space with too much furniture, appoint it with a few beautiful designs that you truly love and appreciate. And then, try to move the furniture around: it’s a simple step that will immediately change the overall atmosphere.


Embrace Eclecticism
Eclecticism is at the heart of French style. There is no single aesthetic that’s prized above all others; rather, the French mix together pieces of furniture from different periods. Don’t hesitate to embrace the cultures and periods you love as long as you keep it well balanced in order to convey a feeling of timelessness.


Choose Artisanship

Never compromise when it comes to craftsmanship and details! Parisians covet everything handmade, and they are ready to wait up to… 16 weeks for a delicately powdered pink Madame Oops chair by Pierre Yovanovitch, or for the Basket Bar by Mayaro. For things you will love forever, 16 weeks is but a very small sacrifice, one that people are happily willing to endure when it comes to Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert’s unique and magical Cloud Suspension, or the Cordage Lamp by CLSB.


Effortless Sophistication

When looking at Parisian women, the first thing that comes to mind is “effortless”. In other words, never try too hard! You can translate this to the home: don’t try too hard, do not copy the cover of a lifestyle magazine, do not fall for the “total look”. Rather, express yourself, and leave some room for serendipity: when you truly love a design don’t hesitate, it will effortlessly find its right place in your home.



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