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Brazilian Magic

We are delighted to introduce Gustavo Neves, a very talented architect and designer, who brings nature’s magical beauty into the home.

One cannot explain talent, but you know it when you see it: Gustavo Neves is the rising star of a new generation of designers who think architecture and interior decoration as a mean to reconcile man and nature.


His work is powerful and raw, esthetically compelling and utterly uncommon.


Born in Brazil, in the State of Sao Paulo, Neves grew up learning about craftsmanship from his grandfather, a wood and stone carver. We can imagine how magical it must have been for the young boy to see things being born out of a simple piece of material. This memory has been with him since, inspiring all his work.


“I never say I’m the author, I prefer to see myself as co-author of something” says Gustavo about his creative process. “Every piece is a combination of me, the material and the process. We become one”.


His major projects go beyond the simple architectural work, as they encompass all aspects of creating a truly livable space. Gustavo wants to understand how the client lives rather than what he expects. “Some people come up with a preconceived idea, that’s not necessarily functional and meaningful. So, I talk to my clients and try to understand their true needs, subtracting all that is superfluous. My briefing with a client starts with a list of questions:  at what time do you usually wake up? Do you have lunch at home? Do you listen to music? Do you watch TV? Do you host parties? Are you planning to have a big family? That’s how I can understand what is essential for them”


By talking to his clients and understanding their needs, Gustavo can then create a true bespoke home: “many times the clients start thinking about my questions and end up realizing that their current idea of a home does not reflect their actual lifestyle. Sometimes the project helps them to change it into something they wanted without even knowing it… This is what I call luxury!”


In a short lapse of time, Gustavo has created some stunning homes, where the raw energy of stone, reclaimed wood and metal, blends into a refined, almost sacred atmosphere. In order to fully express his vision, he started designing furniture and lighting fixtures, given that it was too hard to find ready-made products that fit into his ideas…


His unique designs exude a sense of power and uncommon beauty; they inspire a feeling of awe and wonder. Tapping into nature’s fascinating minerals and woods, Gustavo is like a magician, revealing the hidden shape within the material.


One of his latest collections is entitled Ensô, a Japanese word meaning circle. This series of designs is a poetic homage to the Buddhist approach to art: once the object is completed, the artist cannot retouch it. Its imperfections become its unique quality and a mark of beauty. Pure magic!


Discover now Gustavo Neves’ designs available on The Invisible Collection



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