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Made In Africa

Maison Intègre, the new all-African brand, gives purpose and meaning to its designs… and some beauty too!

We are delighted to introduce Maison Intègre and its original collection of bronze objects, made in Africa. The brand’s name– which translates as House of the Honest- is a direct homage to the etymology of Burkina Faso, which means “land of the honest (incorruptible) men”.  Founded by French entrepreneur Ambre Jarno in 2017, Maison Integre revives the ancestral know-how of African bronze-casting by working closely with the best Burkinabe artisans. An advocate for socially responsible practices, Ambre Jarno is committed to fair sourcing and to support the local communities.


Ambre’s hands-on approach with every aspect of the production combined with an array of unique collaborations is at the core of the brand’s philosophy. By revisiting the region’s traditional crafts and inviting contemporary designers to partake into a creative adventure, bronze casting takes on a new, contemporary life. Tapping into the familiar imagery of customary objects from the West African artistic heritage, Maison Intègre creates original designs that are utterly contemporary, yet exquisitely traditional.


Maison Intègre’s latest collaboration with a group of renowned designers –François Champsaur to name but one- delivers a fascinating collection that is as powerful as it is meaningful. Each piece has a story to tell: the tables and stools are a tribute to the legendary hospitality of the Burkinabe people, their shape inspired by the traditional furniture found in many West African regions. The Echo lamp is a poetic metaphor about the indissoluble bond between two lovers… The collection comprises some elegant objects, among which a set of candleholders and a beautiful bronze vase.



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