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The “Dîner en Ville” collection is an original series of one-of-a-kind dinner sets designed for a seamlessly chic hosting experience. Each unique set for 12 was assembled by french tastemaker Isabelle Moltzer, best known for styling the best dinners in Paris, and comprises a curated, harmonious selection of vintage flatware, glasses, bespoke linen and napkins and an array of carefully hand-picked decorative objects. These elegant eighty-four piece dinner set are delivered in a beautiful box, ready to be displayed and create the most wonderful dinnerscape for your next dinner party.

 “I love the idea of this collaboration, I had so much fun! – says enthusiastically Isabelle Moltzer. Where did her inspiration for “Dîner en Ville” sets come from?  “As a rule, I have no rules: anything can inspire me. However, it usually starts with a beautiful plate that caught my attention and set the mood: for instance, the Moustier plates are so exquisite, I couldn’t resist! I paired them with my signature denim tablecloth. Sometimes, it’s a napkin that ignites my creativity: I loved the hues of the Ikat fabric I found during one of my trips to India (box set three) and I made napkins that I mixed with vintage Longwy flatware. At other times, it’s just a shape, or some forgotten styles that are making a big come-back, in the likes of barbotines … don’t ask me the English word for it – Moltzer bursts into laughter – I don’t know it!”  We do: it’s…barbotine! It refers to an ancient technique used to adorn the edges of flat dishes by applying a layer of liquid clay.

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