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Giuseppe Scapinelli

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Giuseppe Scapinelli reissued by Etel

Giuseppe Scapinelli was born in 1891 in Modena, Italy, but like many of his Italian fellows, he crossed the ocean and immigrated to Brazil where he started a new life. An accomplished painter, ceramist and sculptor, he began his career as a furniture designer in the early 1950s.

His style, influenced by his artistic background, set him immediately apart and garnered instant recognition within the design community. Soft shapes and curvy, winding lines: his designs bore an unexpected, rather futuristic quality and a strong identity. A successful furniture maker and retailer, he soon opened his own furniture factory – Fábrica de Móveis Giesse-  and a rug factory – Fábrica de Tapetes Santa Helena– where he produced many outstanding pieces, impeccably crafted, for distinctive São Paulo homes. Both sensual and bold, his work is imbued with timeless elegance revisited with a sensuous, almost playful twist. Unlike some of his famous contemporaries, Scapinelli sank into relative obscurity after passing away in 1982. It took almost 30 years before connoisseurs and collectors got to rediscover him and his fantastic designs: finally, Scapinelli is back where he belongs, among the great masters of Brazilian modern.

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