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Laboratorio Paravicini

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Costanza Paravicini opened Laboratorio Paravicini in the early 90s with one simple goal: to create plates and tableware using traditional methods of Italian pottery, suitable for everyday use. She now works alongside her daughter, Benedetta Medici, and continues to bring to life handmade and one-off decorative objects for the table.

Paravicini’s hand-painted designs and hand-applied serigraphs are always under glaze, which prevents the colours from fading. The decoration technique, is called Gran Fuoco sulla Terraglia Bianca (high temperature glost-firing on white earthenware. This ancestral technique gives a vibrant quality to the decorations and is 100% non-toxic.

The Laboratory has always extended the borders of its production by continuously offering new shapes and decorations. Each piece is individual; hand-painted, engraved or printed directly onto the delicate white ceramic.