Home of the Dragonfly


Home of the Dragonfly

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CREATIONS DRAGONFLY is a collection of objects based on the same philosophy of Art of Life as The Domaine des Etangs in Charente.


The Domaine des Etangs is home to the DRAGONFLY COLLECTIONS and extends over 1,000 hectares of unspoilt Nature, shared between forests, pastures and ponds. It is a haven of Life apart where the hand of man has shaped a world of balance and perfect harmony with Nature. A place of Life where you can stay in one of the twenty-nine exceptional rooms and suites.


Under the creative lead of Garance Primat, the Domaine des Etangs was born from the work of craftsmen; stonemasons, cabinet makers, marine carpenters, gardeners… it is their hands and their know-how that have taken the Château and its tenant farms out of the land and the surrounding forest.


For CREATIONS DRAGONFLY, Garance Primat has entrusted the designer Stéphane Parmentier with the role of Artistic Director in order to transform into objects the emotion, sensitivity and balance that guided the creation of the Domaine des Etangs. Each object in the collection is the result of a tradition carefully preserved by craftsmen selected for their passion, talent and sensitivity to beauty.


Leather and porcelain, ceramics and porcelain, wood, glass and gold are combined to create the same family of objects: that of authenticity, the intelligence of the hand, respect for Nature and its cycles and the balance between the unique and the accessible. 


Perhaps the most beautiful example of this approach is the plate series “Kintsugi Charentais”.  Inspired by the Kintsugi technique, a Japanese know-how dating back to the 15th century that believes that every accident is the possibility of renewal, and thanks to the experience and technique developed by a master craftsman in the region, they have created a unique plate service, where each crack is filled with porcelain and then lacquered in gold thus highlighting serendipitous accidents in the kiln, or a magnified imperfection.”


We have selected exclusively for The Invisible Collection a series of pieces that we simply love: the plates – of course!-,  some magnificent handmade trays in precious wood, an exquisite porcelain tray sheathed in leather, some magical candle-holders, mohair throw blankets lined with silk threads and cashmere blankets, all hand-woven, porcelain cups embellished with a hand-gilded dragonfly…


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Creations Dragonfly

Le Domaine des Étangs is a resort unlike any other: a “guestcastle”, a luxurious spa, a Zen haven, a place of exquisite and discreet elegance… Recently opened, the restoration and refurbishment of this magnificent 11th century castle, nestled in a vast natural park graced by the presence of a fantastic pond, lasted five years. It was when meeting all the local craftsmen who worked on the estate’s renovation, that Garance Primat, the ever-so-chic owner of the castle, had the idea of asking them to lend their expert hands to the making of a collection of home objects, thus promoting their unparalleled skills and know-how.

Under the artistic helm of designer Stéphane Parmentier and in close collaboration with Garance Primat, the artisans have created a series of works inspired by the traditional local crafts: Créations Dragonfly. The collection fully embodies Primat’s philosophical approach: the harmonious relation between man and nature, the transmission of knowledge and values, the emotion of beauty, the poetry of fragility, the eternal return of things… 

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