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HoT - History of Things


HoT – History of Things

When we love something, we want to know the story behind it… as told by the designer himself: Erwan Boulloud

This mirror is a sort of continuation of my previous series of furniture inspired by the water, the patterns the waves create when they collide.


However, it also takes its inspiration from one of the many stories in Greek mythology, a very little story that I like very much. It is about the god Hermes who climbs Mount Parnassus, in search for the Gods’ old nurses. He wants to ask them to teach him to read the future.


First, he meets Antalia, who teaches him how to look at the world’s minute details, and then she sends him to meet her sister Rosanna. This old nurse has the gift of clairvoyance and she can predict the future by throwing small stones into the water, which, when they fall, form round shaped bubbles of different sizes. Each bubble contains a fragment of the future… There you have it: this mirror is an imaginary reproduction of the series of bubbles that form when Rosanna throws the stones. When you look at yourself in it, you may also be looking at and for the future… though at the same time, you see yourself, which is something more intimate, hence the title: Intralucent.


It is a neologism, a pun on French words: Rosanna is extra-lucide (the French word for clairvoyant) since she sees the future; when we look at ourselves in this mirror we are turned towards the inside, the intimate… therefore:intra-lucide!




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