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HoT - History of Things


HoT – History of Things
When we love something, we want to know the story behind it… as told by the designer himself: Thierry Lemaire

I started designing sofas and armchairs rather late in my career, as I think it’s a complicated task, that requires an approach both subtle and complex.


Then, one day, I decided to give it a try. When I designed this armchair, I wanted to make an architectural gesture – after all, I am an architect- so I thought of it as a building, inspired by rationalism. I imagined it as a sculpture, with all equal angles, and the same thicknesses all around, it became almost an academic work.


However, for some people, the first prototype was a little too big, with an almost massive feel, so we shrunk the sides and put its base on a pivot, to make it look lighter. Its title comes from New Caledonia, where I was born. I took a map and started searching for some interesting names: villages, regions, rivers…  When I saw the name Koumac I simply knew I had found what I was looking for.



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