Michaël Cailloux


Michaël Cailloux

Visit of his Parisian atelier

What makes you different? Your signature style?

The fly, a nod to those worn by women in the 18th century to reveal their moods, notably represented in 16th century still lives. You will often find the insect in my drawings and my pieces, it is a ritual.

The vintage piece or historic designer that inspires you?

William Morris, his production work and decorative arts pieces. He was a member of the Pre-Raphaelite group, one of the founders of the Arts & Crafts movement. It became one of the greatest influences in Great Britain in the 20th century.

The favourite object or pieces amongst your designs?

The wall jewellery, “En roue libre” (“Freewheeling”) which is representative of one of the first pieces I wanted to show in public. The name is full of the energy that I bring to my work and the creative liberty that is so important to me.

More black or more white?

Colourful… I like vibrancy! Colour and all the different possible combinations are one of my favourite things to play with.

Your favourite style? The most creative era?

Art Nouveau for its mixture of style, richness and all that is associated with it, and the extraordinary use of pattern.

Classic or very contemporary?

Anachronistic. I like the idea of creating confusion and of not being able to date my work. A timeless quality gives it a particular dimension, a little extra something.

The richest, most interesting material to work with for you? One that you would like to explore in the future?

Gold. I have done some test pieces and I would like to make decorative wall pieces in gold in the future. I made new pieces with gold and silver finishes, original wall sculptures for my exhibition in September 2016 at ‘6, Mandel’ in Paris.

A place of reference?

The Decorative Arts museum in Paris of course, an eternal source of inspiration.

Your relationship to colour?

Close! I love the combinations and the unexpected, surprises. Colour is at the heart of my work. It continues to spark my creativity.

In which way is this era inspiring? In which way is it not?

Everything goes really quick with social media and it makes for an interesting blend. New opportunities are coming forward which necessitate a certain amount of awareness.

What do you think of The Invisible Collection?

It is an initiative that is bringing together different types of know-how, a curated and very honed selection. I am very honoured to be part of it.


Michaël Cailloux

After studying Applied Arts at the École Duperré, he founded Atelier LZC and made custom pieces for Baccarat, Cartier, and Van Cleef & Arpels. In 2009, he undertook a new artistic adventure and took an interest in jewellery and etching techniques. He is currently an art director at the École Supérieure d’Art Conte, which specialises in design, textiles, and fashion. He continues creating new limited editions items such as wall jewellery, wallpapers, etchings, and fine stationery. His multi-faceted work is created through modified etching techniques, which has resulted in highly unique and eclectic pieces. A universe that re-examines decoration and sits at the crossroads of two artistic techniques.

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