Asymétrie Armchair by Pierre Yovanovitch

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Asymétrie Armchair by Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch's most emblematic design


Currently one of the most in-demand designers in the world, Pierre Yovanovitch creates covetable furniture seen by many as collectible as artworks. One of is most emblematic, collectible designs, the Asymétrie armchair was designed in 2013 for the exhibition “AD Intérieurs”, and is available exclusively on The Invisible Collection.

Sculptural and geometric, its unusual aspect is made of different shapes and forms, evoking carved stone. An instant conversation piece, and design icon, the Asymétrie is regularly featured in major international magazines, highlighting its unique lines and perfect proportions. 

Extremely complicated to make, the Asymétrie armchair is handmade by French artisans at les Ateliers Jouffre in Lyon; the upholstering is the longest and most delicate part: the upholsterer must place and adjust the fabric time and again until it perfectly sits on each unique curve of the armchair, very haute couture!