Blanc Cassé Mirror by Damien Gernay

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Blanc Cassé Mirror by Damien Gernay

Best known for his one-off pieces and very limited collections, French born Damien Gernay loves to play with materials and textures. This stunning, hand-made mirror is the latest from the Blanc Cassé collection, where the artist explores the notion of the colour white – or, rather off-white, as the title suggests. 

The design is conceived as a multi-layered disc of steel revealing a fascinating, seamless transition from the initial matte white lacquer, to the black of the primer, to the gleaming center that has been sanded to create a mirror effect. 

The concentric layers create the illusion as though there were a hole through the wall, thus lending the piece artwork status.

Damien Gernay

Damien is always experimenting with materials, fascinated by their limitless potential: “My relationship to form is a complex one: I tend to neutralise it. What really interests me and guides me is the material:  I let it “live” and, at the end, it is what gives the object its identity. I make one-off pieces or very limited editions. I work alone; I like this experimental, almost alchemical approach, which gives me total control over the production process. I like to think that small accidents, mistakes and randomness lead to new investigations, and even to new creations. I like that this ignites raw emotions”. He is currently working on a new typology of enamelled steel for his next collection.

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