Ceramics by Diptyque

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Ceramics by Diptyque

Laboratorio Paravicini for Diptyque

Our favourite brand of fragrances and scented candles has launched a new collection of exquisite designs for the home. This collection of plates conjures the scents & colours of summer somewhere on a Mediterranean island…

Inspired by Diptyque’s fantastic imaginary, Laboratorio Paravicini has created delightful – and incredibly photogenic ceramics that pair antique stylings with everyday functionality. The pieces are handmade and decorated with a technique known as “Gran Fuoco sulla Terraglia Bianca” (high-temperature glost-firing, which fuses glaze to white earthenware). This ancestral technique gives a vibrant quality to the decorations and is 100% non-toxic.  The complete collection comprises different-sized plates featuring lovely floral & fruit prints, including roses, pomegranates and lemons.

Recreate the atmosphere of an alfresco dinner anytime at home, and shop now Diptyque’s exquisite flatware on The Invisible Collection.