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The Invisible Collection Atelier Vime

Wicker Couture

Renowned Atelier Vime joins The Invisible Collection: there is no rest for the wicker!

More than a trend, it has become almost an obsession: no elegant interior around the world without its little wicker element in it! This new strong trend is no coincidence though; behind the wicker’s revival stands a duo of passionate tastemakers who founded Atelier Vime – a word deriving from the Latin noun vimenthat means both a slender woody shoot and a basket. Anthony Watson and Benoît Rauzy fell in love with wicker when they moved to Vallabrègues, a village in Provence known for its longstanding tradition of making wicker using the reed harvested in the nearby region of Camargue. First, they started to collect important 20thcentury wicker and rattan pieces, then they decided to get more involved with the local artisans by creating their own original pieces and start up a collection.


From a few objects such as mirrors and light fixtures, the collection has grown, under the helm of designer Raphaëlle Hanley, into an impeccable display of Atelier Vime’s aesthetic and taste. Showcasing some irresistible hand-woven furniture – including tables, folding screens, and some whimsical lampshades – for each piece, the contemporary feel blends perfectly with an original “Provence” touch, making the collection a true example of unique taste informed by an ancient know-how. Their latest style, a darling rattan daybed, is so enticing that one just knows it will be an instant must have.


In as little as two years, Atelier Vime has become the go-to place for finding extraordinary pieces that pair beautifully with any contemporary décor. Now, major designers and interior decorators – Pierre Yovanovitch and Charles Zana to name a few-  call upon them to find a special item from the existing collections, or order bespoke furniture, knowing that, regardless of the design’s complexity, they will find the best artisans to turn a sketch into a beautiful piece. Moreover, Atelier Vime has gathered an impressive archive of the most beautiful creations from different eras, so that people can look at past works and find new inspirations…


We are excited to announce that Atelier Vime joins The Invisible Collection: we selected a beautiful range of products handpicked for their relevance, their versatility and, above all, their “couture” feel.  Discover the collection and shop the perfect wicker piece now.



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