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The European debut of Jeff Zimmermann and Rogan Gregory brings new meaning to the close relation between art and design

Each piece of design is never just another piece of design. Besides its function, there lies its hidden meaning, its soul, another kind of purpose…: This is our first thought, when looking at the stunning work of Jeff Zimmerman and Rogan Gregory.


Both artists just joined The Invisible Collection’s roaster of remarkable designers, and brought to the London’s showroom a selection of their best work.


With both artists, we immediately perceive the refined sculptural feel of each piece of work: the impressive craft, the materials’ quality, the shapes’ complexity… We are drawn to the work even before we can process why we like it… We just know we do!


Maybe, this is what Art is all about, an unconditional passion for beauty.



Mesmerizing Glass


A celebrated master glass artist, Jeff Zimmerman belongs to a group of daring contemporary artists who employ the ancient material as a means of expression rather than an end in itself. His sculptures and functional pieces exploit techniques of advanced glassmaking and the defining properties of glass itself — the way it hovers between liquid and solid states, its reflectivity and tactile qualities, its habit of moving constantly while still molten — to evoke a dimension of experience where things are happening that we can feel but not necessarily define. His signature organic shapes are intensely colourful but soft, mysterious but welcoming, disquieting yet familiar. Drawn formally from nature, they result from the dramatic pushing, pulling, dripping and spinning actions through which they took shape — processes that Zimmerman exploits to suggest the mutability of the worlds around us and within us. The Invisible Collection has selected his most emblematic pieces for its London showroom.



Shape Shifting Stone


Rogan Gregory, a design consultant for luxury fashion brands, has a unique approach in combining a sculptural perspective with the street energy of New York, filtered through his nuanced sensibility for design, architecture and science. Implementing a rigorous research and design process, Rogan created technically revolutionary fabric and garment construction, while his approach to clothing forms established him as a pioneer in a new generation of designers. Rogan has spent the past decade creating a body of sculptural work and painting. The intent of the work is to channel his interest in natural forms, ecological systems and evolutionary biology. The collection of sculptural works begins with procreation and cell division, evolving into infinite iterative physiological combinations. Working from his Montauk studio, Rogan said he “takes a meditative approach to the resolution of a shape or a combination of shapes ». He mainly works with natural stone, and particularly favors alabaster. The Invisible Collection has selected his most emblematic pieces for its London showroom.



Credits R&Company



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