Fantasy Dinner Tables


Fantasy Dinner Tables

Make the most of your dining room

Our team shares some decorating tips to elevate your dinner parties and make the most of your dining room.

People like to talk about the ultimate guest list for a fantasy dinner party; but what about the setting? Which dream designs would you choose for your fantasy dining room? We all know that aesthetic can add to the atmosphere, hence the importance of creating a beautiful space for your guests. We asked our team to share some useful decorating tips and to select some inspiring furniture and objects that you’ll want on top of your wish list:

It’s all about… Dining Tables! 

Remember, the dining table is the center piece in the room that defines your vision and taste. We handpicked a variety of designs bound to become instant classics:

Artsy and playful: Riviera Expandable Table by Charlotte Biltgen

WOW effect: Apolline Dining Table by Humbert & Poyet

Riviera Expandable Table
Apolline Dining Table

Colourful contrasts: Pink & Blue Table by Lola Lely

Curvy sturdiness: Elephant Table Lola Lely



Pink & Blue Table
Elephant Table

Uncommon shapes: Pierre Augustin Rose’s Scala Oak 300 Dining Table

Scala Oak 300 Dining Table
Scala Oak 300 Dining Table


Bespoke chic: Haricot Table by Jerome Faillant Dumas

Timeless elegance: Etel’s Dino Dining Table:


Rino Dining Table
Rino Dining Table

Social gatherings or small private dinners, the dining room is the place where you make a statement. The space must show character and creativity.

Anchor the decor with the right rug… Poudre and Ricky Rugs by Atelier Février:

Poudre Rug
Ricky Rug

Frame the space with a console, side tables or a beautiful bookshelf:  Emmanuelle Simon’s Jonathan Bookcase, Damien Langlois-Meurinne’s Smooth Wave Console:

Jonathan Bookcase
Smooth Wave Console

Break up the chairs’ style, and choose a head chair different from the side ones. We love the GS2 chair and the dazzling and futuristic GS4 chair by Etel, created by Giuseppe Scapinelli. 

GS2 Chair
GS4 Chair
Vine Vertical Pendant

Last but absolutely not least: lighting.

Overhead light can be tricky, its visual impact is crucial, and so is its glowing effect on the overall atmosphere. We selected some eye-catching lighting fixtures that play a major role in the decor: no dinner party without a conversation starter!

The beautiful Vine Vertical Pendants created by Jeff Zimmerman, Pierre Gonalons’ spectacular Ceiling Lamp from the King Sun Murano collection or Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert’s beautifully poetic, one-of-a-kind Cloud Chandelier.

Ceiling Lamp King Sun Green and Blue
Cloud Chandelier

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