Garden of Behun


Garden of Behun

Superstar Kelly Behun joins The Invisible Collection with an exclusive line of outdoor furniture.

“We love the boldness and femininity of her work; it is always emotional on some level. She can pair cutting edge artworks with unexpected pieces of furniture and surprise you with every new project. Kelly belongs with the Invisible Collection!” say the founders of our platform when speaking about the new, exciting collaboration with the famed interior designer.




Labeled by the New York Times as “an interior designer with the eye of a gallerist”, Kelly Behun has become one of the most sought-after interior decorators in the world of high-end properties. Known for her comprehensive and highly bespoke approach to interior design projects, Kelly also designs furniture, lighting, rugs, home accessories, and now, a brand new line of outdoor pieces.

Driven by what she calls “an absence of bespoke, high-end outdoor furniture in the design industry”, Kelly decided to take matters into her own talented hands, and has designed a visually stunning collection, available exclusively on our platform.

Inspired by the striking work of Italian designer Carlo Bugatti and Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, Kelly has invented a new vocabulary of shapes, fusing unexpected silhouettes with luxurious materials, including bleached mahogany and eye-catching porcelain mosaics. The intricate carving details lend the pieces a timeless, heirloom quality, crafted in materials to last for years and patina with age. The collection is entirely hand-made by the best American artisans.


Kelly Behun

“I love minimal, maximal and anything in between as long as it’s beautifully executed,” says Kelly when describing her style. Her most emblematic projects – whether it’s a townhouse in Manhattan or a mansion in the Hamptons – are always infused with the perfect alchemy of classic and timeless pieces mixed with an element of the unexpected. Favouring the juxtaposition of textures and styles, and driven by her strong artistic instinct, Kelly sees every space as a visual landscape of opportunity, and a means to explore how to best portray her clients’ own individual style. Labeled by the New York Times as “an interior designer with the eye of a gallerist,” Kelly has deep ties to the art world, and has always believed in the importance of including art in your home as it allows you to make a deeper and more emotional connection to your surroundings.

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