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The Invisible Collection Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert Mind Blowing


Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebret - an outstanding artist mastering the art of glassblowing - joins The Invisible Collection. We have selected his most beautiful luminaires - exclusive pieces of breathtaking originality- very popular with collectors and museums.

Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert could be a character from a great contemporary novel, as his story is punctuated by both dramatic moments and inspiring events: precisely, a French filmmaker shot a documentary about him, Heart of Glass, released in 2015. When watching this film, it’s easy to understand how his career path is as moving and fascinating as the material he works within his Parisian workshop, the hand-blown glass he shapes, caresses and thumps to create magnificent pieces.


Born in Paris, raised in West Africa, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert discovered molten glass at the age of 18 and immediately understood that this hypnotizing and fragile material was going to be his passion and profession. Set on learning everything about it, he began to travel around the world to meet the master glassmakers and learn from them the techniques of traditional glassblowing. For years, he lived on odd jobs while training and perfecting his skills in the best workshops in the USA – California, Florida, and Washington – and in Europe – Murano, Czech Republic.


Thanks to this international experience among the best, he opened his own workshop/studio in Paris in 2015. In this magical place, located in rue Daumesnil, just off Bastille, the fire crackles in the oven heated to 1280° C, as Jeremy Maxwell makes his own glass. This glass results from the fusion of a mixture of silica and minerals imported from Sweden in the form of granules. Fusion is a technical process that requires concentration, patience and vigilance. Note that the fusion of glass silica only produces transparent glass. Color is added to the transparent glass when it’s time to start the blowing process. This is a material imported from New Zealand in the form of pigmented glass bars that are heated before use.


Freehand glassblowing is one of the variants of glassblowing. Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert never uses a rigid mold to create the final shape of an object. He draws not only from the know-how he has been developing for over twenty years, but also from mastered gestures, the intelligence of his hand and his experienced eye, constantly playing with gravity, movement and the temperature of the material. At the end of the process, we witness the birth of a unique piece of mind-blowing beauty, both a work of art and a piece of design.


The Invisible Collection team had the great privilege of visiting his studio – and will return there in January – to admire his work techniques and select a series of breathtaking lighting fixtures. Discover the entire collection and shop it now.



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