The Glass Master


The Glass Master

An outstanding prize for a mind-blowing talent: the Liliane Bettencourt Prize goes to Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert is the 2019 recipient of the Liliane Bettencourt Prize pour l’intelligence de la main®. Created in 1999, this prestigious prize rewards expertise, creativity and innovation in the crafts, and has become a label of excellence for French crafts whilst promoting their reputation worldwide. Since its inception, this competition for professional craftspeople recognises the talent of singular individuals whose achievements demonstrate “l’intelligence de la main®” (the intelligence of the hand).

Jeremy presented The Beginning: Dark Matter, a mind-blowing work, acknowledged by the members of the jury as « one of the most successful fusions between art and craft, demonstrating once again the natural connection between these two worlds.”


In the motivation of the jury’s decision, the praise goes to the artwork’s symbolic message and its technical complexity:  “Both powerful and poetic, the award-winning work is intended first and foremost to convey a message. It also attests to an absolute technical mastery since Jeremy makes the molten glass himself, pursuing his journey to the heart of this material, each one of his gestures executed with inch-perfect precision (…) This is a rare work that symbolises the author’s quest for the origins of the universe and life. »


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« For me, this work is the result of 20 years of research inspired by turning matter into material. This research has allowed me to express a creativity that is – in my opinion – full-fledged energy in itself, » stated Jeremy, in his acceptance speech.


For The Invisible Collection, Jeremy creates beautifully poetic, one-of-a-kind designs in freehand-blown glass, filigrane technique. Jeremy has been practicing and improving his free-hand glassblowing techniques for the past twenty years, working in his Parisian workshop, the JMW Studio, where he makes his own molten glass in an oven heated to 1280°. Some of his pieces are conceived as original lamps and luminaires and feature innovative hanging and lighting systems that bring out the works’ beauty and perfection, whilst also ensuring their durability.


Discover Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert and our selection of his most emblematic designs: one-of-a-kind pieces of mind-blowing beauty, sought after by museums and collectors, now available on The Invisible Collection.


JMW Studio

Freehand glassblowing, one of the variants of glassblowing: Jeremy Maxwell-Wintrebert makes his own glass in his studio/workshop, using an oven heated to 1280° C. Fusion is a technical process that requires concentration, patience and vigilance, Jeremy never uses a rigid mould to create the final shape of an object. He draws not only from the skills and know-how that he has been developing for over twenty years, but also from mastered gestures, the intelligence of his hand, and the experience of his eye, constantly playing with gravity, movement and the temperature of the material.

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