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The Invisible Collection - Nada Debs - Funketry

Just In - Funquetry

A new selection of pieces by Nada Debs celebrates the tradition of marquetry.

Renowned Lebanese designer Nada Debs wants to have some fun: her new collection Funketry is precisely that, and much more…


By exploring and reinventing the fine techniques of marquetry, Debs delivers a new, playful, and strong interpretation of some familiar pieces of furniture. Stools, cabinets, benches and tables spice up thanks to geometric colorful stripes applied on their rounded shapes; the mix of colors and materials brings out a joyful and modern feel that makes each piece an instant keeper.


Tapping into the ancient tradition of marquetry (the skilful art of applying pieces of veneer to a structure in order to form decorative patterns), Nada created some lovely strips of different colored wood, which are inlaid to produce what’s known as a “mother”. In some pieces, these are then sliced and shifted to create a break in the geometric pattern. In others, they are applied to what Nada calls pleated wood: a triangulated cut into the solid wood. When looking at them, our perception changes as we move around them.


Handmade with painstaking precision, each piece of furniture is a true celebration of joyful creativity and skilled design: discover our selection and shop it now, it’s time to add a fun element to the decor.



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