New In: Noma


New In: Noma

Green By Design

Recycled materials turned into beautiful designs in this original collection by NOMA.


We are delighted to introduce NOMA, the young French brand founded by Guillaume Galloy and Bruce Ribay, available exclusively on The Invisible Collection. Besides the singularity of each design, we love NOMA’s approach to environmental issues and sustainability. “Our first priority is to provide high-quality furniture: aesthetics, durability, comfort and function all must be part of it. Our ultimate goal is to reduce our impact on the environment,” say Guillaume and Bruce, the entrepreneurial duo behind NOMA. “Our second priority: to concentrate on researching recycled materials, relying on the most obvious ones, like steel, while working to innovate within new sectors, like compressed plastics. We believe that today, recycled materials are the noblest.” NOMA manufactures high-quality furniture and everyday objects, conceived by some of today’s influential designers. This first collection focuses on promoting the use of recycled materials and is proof that eco-design does minimise the environmental impact of an object. Moreover, Bruce and Guillaume believe that elegance means surrounding oneself with objects that are beautiful, virtuous and responsible; and that beauty too, can be a powerful vector of change.
NOMA stands for NOble MAterials; in this instance, the adjective “noble” takes new meaning: the inner value of the material is no longer defined by its rarity or high price, but by its new, noble purpose. Then, it’s up to the designers to use their talent and imagination when using recycled materials in order to elevate the aesthetic potential of textures and colours. And create comfortable, beautiful new designs meant to last. For this first collection, NOMA selected a group of talented designers: Martino Gamper, A+A Cooren, Charlotte Juillard, Studio Jean-Marc Gady, Sam Baron et RDAI. They all eagerly took up the challenge and delivered a stunning array of items including a timeless set of chairs by Charlotte Juillard and a series of sculptural objects by Sam Baron.

Discover the entire NOMA Collection available exclusively on The Invisible Collection.

Noma Editions

NOMA pairs the expertise of recycling specialists with the exceptional know-how of French craftsmen, thus bringing new life to recycled materials with minimal environmental footprint. The transformed material becomes a new, raw material in its own right; its aesthetic potential, magnified by the talent of top designers selected by NOMA to collaborate on specific projects. Unique colours and textures, unparalleled comfort and solidity: NOMA Editions’ furniture and objects are timeless, elegant additions to any decor, meant to last.

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