Poetic Design


Poetic Design

Maria-Victoria Geyer delivers some lovely designs filled with poetic references

Known for her eclectic style and her taste for mixing old and new, German born Victoria-Maria Geyer has created a new collection of accessories for doors and furniture.

Pairing her passion for handwriting with some imaginative design, she created the “Message” collection of door handles and knobs, now available on The Invisible Collection.

“Message” is a poetic tribute to the lost tradition of handwritten messages on a piece of paper. Inspired by both the letters we send, and the unfinished ones we prefer to keep to ourselves, Victoria-Maria has designed a variety of handles and furniture knobs in solid brass, with self-explanatory titles. “Sent” reminds us of a perfectly smooth undulated sheet of paper, whilst “Unsent” is a realistic version of a crumpled paper ball thrown in the bin. The “Sent” series of handles is an invitation to be creative: one can slip a handwritten note in the notch and leave it for the next person… Or, one can have the handle engraved with a few words: the handle is the message!

Maria-Victoria is also an opera-lover: inspired by Turandot, Puccini’s final opera, and its most famous aria, Nessun Dorma, she created the Night & Day rugs collection: Two contrasting rugs, Night – dark and dramatic -, and Day – light and cheerful – that can be completely customised.

Add some drama to your décor without the drama…


Victoria-Maria Geyer

Victoria-Maria is a German interior architect and designer based in Brussels. Passionate about Art History and with a solid network of suppliers throughout the world, she caters to cosmopolite, international clients. Self-taught, Victoria-Maria started her business in 2008. “I’ve always loved moving furniture around and adding personality to a space,” she says. Victoria-Maria has been called an iconoclast, as she is known for creatively mixing up antique and contemporary pieces in her designs, managing to keep up with current trends all while retaining uniqueness.

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