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The Invisible Collection Tristan Auer

Elegant Influence

Tristan Auer was named one of the "50 most influential French people in the world" by Vanity Fair magazine. We called him to congratulate him and ask him a few questions.

French Vanity Fair unveiled its “power list” of the 50 talented influencers who best represent the French spirit and savoir-faire in the world. One of the influential fifty is the interior architect Tristan Auer, whose elegant and eclectic work is admired around the globe.


What was your most exciting project?

Hôtel de Crillon: a historical place so steeped in history. Everything was “big”: a big budget for a big project and big responsibilities… In fact, for this project, I gathered around me the largest number of people ever, and everyone trusted me. This project has been all along a matter of trust, because every achievement is something abstract. It makes me happy to see that now everyone is happy.


What was your most challenging project?

The next one, it is always the next one! Big or small, it doesn’t matter, it’s always a new adventure, a new beginning… You start something from scratch, staring at a blank page… where you calculate the risks, dream about the result, and you just create. I like it: the challenge and the excitement of the next project!


Which project are you most proud of?

I’d say one of my first projects, a house for Bryan Adams on Mosquito Island.  I’m proud of it because he’s very proud of it, and he loves the outcome. Every time I see him, (I just saw him a couple of days ago…) he tells me about it, and he tells me that it is a great success, that he really feels at home. Sometimes, people ask me if I work differently when I do a project for a celebrity: truth be told, I don’t, I quickly forget that I’m working for a celebrity: I am so focused on the project that I don’t really think about it….


What do you like about The Invisible Collection?

Today, people do not necessarily know certain pieces of high-end furniture and do not have access to them. The Invisible Collection gives you access to the best selection of furniture as if you were contacting an architect yourself and asking to make a project especially for you… To my knowledge, nobody has done it before. This simplifies the process and gives it a more contemporary, personal feel; customers and connoisseurs alike trust The Invisible Collection’s selection.


Read Tristan Auer’s portrait here and discover his furniture collection sold exclusively on The Invisible Collection



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