Welcome Karen Chekerdjian


Welcome Karen Chekerdjian

The designer and interior architect is joining the stable of designers presented by The Invisible Collection

We are very pleased to welcome the designer Karen Chekerdjian. The designer and interior architect is joining the stable of designers presented by The Invisible Collection, with a selection of exceptional, bold, edgy pieces. Following on from her only recently closed three-month exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe – the celebrated Parisian institution where she was given free rein, the artist has chosen The Invisible Collection to present her work.

Following on from the industrial production that marked the beginning of her career, today the designer revisits the artistry of Lebanese craftsmen with brilliant contemporary reinterpretation. Like with the decorators and interior designers presented alongside her on our site, she demonstrates an excellence for craftsmanship through furniture and contemporary objects, lavishing her work with a certain artistic spirit that defines The Invisible Collection’s selection of pieces.


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The Invisible Collection Karen Chekerdjian Portrait

Karen Chekerdjian

Karen Chekerdjian’s creations are nourished by craftsmanship, tradition and the cultural skills of Lebanon, her home country. Today her workshop produces collections of furniture, objects, and jewellery all under the “Series by Karen Chekerdjian” brand – limited edition objects as well as Spatial Design. Her unique collaboration with regional craftsmen, has allowed her to lay the foundations for Lebanese design. Her work transforms and reinterprets the origins of her country, bringing forth a strong contemporary character. The dynamic dialogue between design and craftsmanship has become her signature. Her strong style, without embellishment, produces pieces that are sharp-edged, masculine, almost Brutalist, with a highly elegant and enigmatic presence.

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