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Behind the private banks and the family offices buildings, there is a lovely beautiful artsy city…



Art Basel is just a couple of days away, but before setting yourselves in frantic collector mode, we suggest to spend a couple of days in the picture perfect Zurich. Besides its natural beauty, its placid lake and its spectacular alpine backdrop, the city has a lot to offer, even more so during the weekend leading to the opening of Art Basel.



In fact, the whole city will be celebrating contemporary art via a rich program of events. Prestigious museums, art centers and galleries – or maybe we should say some of the most powerful art galleries in the world – will host cool brunches and receptions, organizing openings in presence of the artists, public talks and private tours, together with live performances, parties and DJ sets… (the full program is here: www.zurichartweekend.com). We will surely check out Migros Museum, Kunsthaus and Luma Westbau (and have a drink at Schwarzescafé stunning terrace), and visit some of our favorite galleries. For Artists’ books connoisseurs we recommend “Grids & Found Images” a perfectly curated exhibition presented at ARCHIV, by Christoph Schifferli and Paul Brunner (www.archiv11.org).



The Zurich experience cannot be complete unless we stop at least once at a… badi, the city’s unique specific attraction, famed all over the world. But what is a badi? Well… it’s an outdoor swimming pool built on the river. Some of the badis are beautiful, in pure art deco style, and often turn into clubs at night with live DJ sets.



Last but not least… : who would have thought that the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant is right in the heart of Zurich? The Hiltl restaurant opened in 1898, and it is still run by the fourth generation of its founders, the Hiltl family… Given the busy week ahead in Basel, one might want to stop there and get some healthy food and plenty of vitamins!








Main picture:

Women’s History Museum, OTMA’s body, 2018

Installation View

Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York


Form left to right, top to bottom:

© Doug Aitken

Courtesy Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich / New York


© Andro Wekua

Courtesy Sprüth Magers and Gladstone Gallery


© Nicolas Party, Sunset, 2017

Foto: Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich


© Gianni Motti, Draft, 2018

Foto: Thomas Burda, Helmhaus Zürich


Night Mood, courtesy CS


« Grids & Found Images », installation view, © ARCHIV   


Chill out in the Badi, courtesy CS


© Pamela Rosenkranz, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Being there, 10.10.2017-25.02.2018

Fotocredit: Anders Sune Berg


Schwarzescafé’s Terrace, courtesy Schwarzescafé/LUMA Westbau



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