Career. Having honed his trade studying fashion design at Studio Bercot, Florian Pretet became head of production for hand woven cashmere and silk for a luxury brand, dividing his time between France and Nepal. More recently, he has developed his savoir-faire as a textile designer and his knowledge of craftsmanship by creating unique rugs and becoming ever more involved in home ware.

Signature Style. His one-off pieces made using the Tibetan technique of hand-tied knots using a mixture of silk with wool or pure wool. The luxurious quality is produced with 190,000 knots per square meter.

He loves. Pattern more than anything. Ethnic influences derived from African or Asian art as well as Art Nouveau and Decorative Art patterns which possess an emotional connection which comes from his approach to craftsmanship.

Showstoppers. His unusual collection of rugs where the pattern influences the overall shape, and by disregarding usual geometric forms, allows his unique graphic designs to redesign the floor.

What’s up. During the last Milan Salon 2016, Rossana Orlandi showcased his pieces in her space. Florian Pretet is more than ever working on made to measure rugs for private clients and direct orders from architects. He is working on a line of handmade cushions and textiles for the home.