Career. From Contemporary Art (he started his career as an Art Curator dedicated to building collections for private clients) to Antique Dealer specialising in 20th century pieces, and again today as an Interior Architect, Interior Decorator and Designer, a multi-faceted man, Eric Allart experiences objects from every angle.

Signature Style. An infallable eye. He can see the skill and signature style behind an anonymous object which makes him gifted at uncovering beautiful, rare pieces for his clients. His own work; mirrors, lamps…reinterpret classics through his choice of materials and technique – the work of a real master.

He loves. The modern stamp of iconic designers like Gabriella Crespi, Jean Michel Franck, Maria Pergay and even contemporaries like Martin Zekely.

Showstoppers. For his knowledge of the great artistic styles and the spirit of neo-classicism that pervades his interiors with their sensitivity to symmetry, balance, structured detail and comfort. All brought together with unusual curios.

What’s up. Working on numerous projects for private clients as well as having recently worked on the Interior Architecture for the main LK Bennett boutique on rue de Grenelle in Paris.