Career. Coming from a fashion background, Françoise Weill using her passion, intuition and determination arrived on the design scene in 1996. Carpets of wild feathers and velvet-soft felt line the hollow spaces in her pieces, exhibiting the quality associated with the grand tradition of haute couture. Veritable contemporary curiosities, her one-off and limited edition pieces present a furniture collection that sits on the boundary between design and art.

Signature Style. Furniture as objects, sculptural furniture, vibrant proof that craftsmanship evokes both a luxury ideal and continues the marvellous legacy of the 18th century.

She loves. The Arte Povera movement, which is at the root of how she works with metal. Her functional pieces are designed to be used in daily life. They juxtapose the rigorous nature of raw iron with the fragility of feathers, giving them another dimension.

Showstoppers. Her pieces play on surrealist references, such as the Tabouret Bouche (Mouth Stool) or the Table Plume (Feather Table). Poetry and onirism linger in the names given to her pieces: Paravent pigment (Pigment Screen), Console Poème (Poem Console)…promising dreams and mystery.

What’s up. Françoise Weill continues to design her unique creations, she exhibits in Paris, London and Madrid. Increasingly, her work is attracting a clientele looking for unique pieces.