Career. Born and raised in Paris, Gael studied architecture in the United States and has worked in London since 1988. Having worked for a number of years with John Stephanidis, Gael along with Stephen Morrison, opened an Interior Architectural practice in 2002 and work on projects throughout Europe – in London, France, Greece and Switzerland – for captains of industry, artists and writers.

Signature Style. Gael Camu’s projects are infused with modernity without being contemporary or overly designed. “I like to play with geometry and space in a classic sense. Everything is a question of balance and proportions.” For Gael Camu, luxury meets asceticism, playfulness meets a certain kind of severity. Simplicity is always a synonym for an almost monastic elegance.

She loves. Light, which for Gael is “architecture’s palette.”

Showstoppers. The Palladio desk designed for a 1929 appartement by Pierre Chareau for which Gael chose to use rose wood, one of Pierre Chareau’s favorite woods. Commissioned by clients that adore Rome, she had the desk’s surface printed with an architectural drawing of San Giorgio Maggiore. The desk’s surface can be made to order to fulfil the wishes of every commissioning client.

Whats up. The acquisition a carpentry workshop in England allows for the uncompromising production of their exceptional furniture. A gallery in London, a country house in Wiltshire, a Regency mansion in Pimlico.