Background: Born and raised in the city of Jaú, a town in the State of Sao Paulo, Gustavo Neves grew up surrounded by handmade pieces and beautiful designs. His grandfather, with whom he spent many afternoons, was always carving wood, and giving life to string instruments in the likes of guitars and violas (a typical Brazilian instrument). It is from his childhood memories in his grandpa’s workshop that Gustavo took most of his inspirations for his unique architecture and designs, best expressed by the use of natural materials. He began to design and produce his own furniture and lighting fixtures, inspired once again by his skilled grandpa, when he realized that it was too hard to find ready-made products that reflected his ideas…

Signature Style: Non-polished stones, woods, raw materials with their organic looks are Gustavo’s inspirations. He respects the lines and bulks of the original materials he finds in nature and creates his designs accordingly, with as little interference as possible, valuing sustainability and honoring nature’s treasures. For Enric Pastor, AD Spain Editor-in-chief, “Gustavo has created his own aesthetic, using dark, rugged materials, intense “patina” and rich textures. His use of concrete and stone, almost primitive, and the color restraint palette (or the absence of color altogether) are very suggestive and wrap his interiors in raw luxury, with a very sophisticated matte finish”.

Showstoppers: His unique designs, exuding a sense of power and uncommon beauty, which inspire a feeling of awe. Some stunning homes, for private collectors, where the raw energy of stone, reclaimed wood and metal, blends into a refined, almost sacred atmosphere. His latest project, Casa Sume, was featured in AD Spain and showcased at the Casacor 2019 exhibition in Sao Paulo.

What’s Up: a new exciting collaboration with The Invisible Collection, introducing some of his most sought after, unique designs.