Background. After working for many years in IT and retail, David Haymann switched to his secret passion: design. In 2012 he launched Haymann Editions, with the purpose of becoming an “éditeur de mobilier”, a very French notion of commissioning from a designer a collection of original furniture pieces and manufacture them. The first collection designed by Toni Grilo, a Brazilian designer based in Portugal, became an instant success. Since then, Haymann Editions has developed several new collaborations with an eclectic roaster of up and coming designers including the duo Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova, the Lebanese design studio David & Nicolas, Sebastien Herkner, and Charles Kalpakian.

Signature Style. Modern luxury furniture and lighting that is elegant and affordable, with an eye for the long tradition of the French “ensemblier”, thus creating coherent recognizable sets of furniture, which pair traditional pieces with some original more elaborate creations. Haymann Editions strives for the so-called “French Elegance” by mixing styles, influences and materials, as women do with fashion. With the collaboration of international designers and the best European manufacturers, Haymann brings together these influences into a coherent collection, creating a unique aesthetic, which mixes tradition, modernity and discreet elegance.

Showstoppers. The Marie Lamp, designed by Tony Grilo, has become one of the brand’s iconic best sellers. Its unmistakable mushroom-like shape made it an instant journalist’s darling. Originally made in Carrara Arabescato marble, the Marie Lamp is now available in different materials such as cork and aluminum.

What’s up. A collaboration with The Invisible Collection to showcase Haymann Editions’ creations to a wider clientele. In addition, a new collection inspired by an unsual material: cellulose acetate, commonly used as a film base in photography and as a frame material for eyeglasses. This new collection will be unveiled by end of the year.