Portrait. Le Berre Vevaud is a Parisian architecture and manufacturing agency. The Le Berre Vevaud furniture collection was born in 2016 from the passion of the founders of the agency, Raphaël Le Berre and Thomas Vevaud, as well as their partner Céline Dewavrin for design, noble materials and craftsmanship. Le Berre Vevaud furniture pieces are a natural extension of Le Berre Vevaud’s interior design activity.

Background. The genesis of the brand goes back a few years back when Raphaël Le Berre and Thomas Vevaud decide to go beyond their profession of architect and take advantage of their training as designers. The duo of architects have always believed that furniture must magnify a space. Despite the plethora of furniture available on the market, they could rarely find the one piece that would highlight the volumes and give the final touch in their interior. The design and manufacture of pieces of furniture thus became an integral part of their job. Their first creations, such as the Stool Barth and the Montebello and Salambo boxes, are among the bestsellers of the brand. It is in 2015 that the turning point took place. Céline Dewavrin, born in a family of antique dealers and eager to undertake new professional challenges, saw potential in their talent. Convinced that the aesthetic and sensorial singularity of their creations would make them highly desirable, Céline Dewavrin becomes the business partner of the trio, to develop the very luxurious collection.

Signature Style. The brand combines classicism with the present thanks to a warm and minimalist style. Besides seeking for the right lines, the designers like to create a dialogue between precious woods such as oiled Macassar ebony, Emperador marble, Marquina or Carrara marble and deep lacquer… The infinite combinations of materials and colors naturally bring Le Berre Vevaud to propose tailor-made designs.

They love. Shaking up the codes of craftsmanship by creating furniture that is both refined and sober, adding body and meaning to the pieces and objects of life through the materials used.

Showstoppers. Their best sellers, the Barth stool and the Montebello and Salambo boxes, with their sensual lines and feel.

What’s up. Le Berre Vevaud will be exhibiting at the Salon du Luxe to be held at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris on July 11th. The opportunity for the house to present a new, joyful and poetic variation of one of its iconic pieces, the Barth stool as well as new creations such as the new Echo console.