Portrait. Modern and digital encounter, Louise Liljencrantz and Kristin Rudenstam met through Instagram. Professional and friendly love at first sight. Similar journeys in the world of fashion and design like many of the stars of The Invisible Collection. Working on private residences as well as with premium property developers, Liljencrantz Design has collaborated with K.F.K Snickerier for a long time. K.F.K Snickerier, one of Sweden’s most established Master Cabinet Makers, are committed to the craft of handmade furniture. Among their client base, you will find awarded architects and esteemed designers.

Signature. The heritage and modernity of mid-century Scandinavian furniture with the epure and the know-how of Swedish Cabinet Makers. “Creating without compromise requires courage and perseverance” is the motto of Louise Liljencrantz.

They like. Louise Liljencrantz decides to hit hard with a first collection where only the hand of the craftsman and the design of the designer intervened. Three wood species are chosen, the pieces are literally carved then burned and oiled according to ancestral techniques. Louise has always collaborated with artisans for her interior design projects and custom furniture in the vein and respect of the great Scandinavian designers…

Showstoppers. The radical yet sensual aesthetic of the entire collection where each piece is in symbiosis with one another. For Louise, it’s about creating an emotionally resonant moment, a coherent context where each collectible piece belongs. The inspiration comes from being aware of your surroundings. It’s about transforming the passion, emotions and unspoken codes that a person radiates into something physical, it might be an object or an atmosphere, this time it’s a collection they choose to call Seed 0117.

What’s up. A new built residential villa where Louise works with light and shadows. Located on the waterfront in the Swedish Archipelago, the heart of the 4 story property consists of a light filled atrium, as well as an infinity pool overlooking the water. An 800 square meter town house located in the Östermalm district in central Stockholm. The area was built 1907-1917 and the house was designed by a well-known Swedish architect Erik Josephson. Planning a new furniture and accessory collection and looking forward to new exciting collaborations with upcoming artists and craftsmen.