Background. After spending his childhood in the Holy City of Rome, Marc Ange started his design career working for big names of the Italian automobile industry.

When opening his own design studio in Paris, Bloom Room, Marc Ange kept his confused childhood memories torn between real and surreal, which guide each of his creations.

A few months ago, Marc Ange opened his second Bloom Room offices in Los Angeles, following his fantastic imaginary journey in the West Coast.

Signature style. The taste for beauty and perfection, harmony, a clear inclination for surrealism and the proliferation of the fantastic in all his creations. From a cradle designed for Louis Vuitton to the ultra-desirable Chimère collection imagined for aesthete pets.

He loves. Marc Ange enjoys breaking the rules and confronting beauty and horror, harmony and chaos for his clients in the luxury industry; Louis Vuitton, Moët & Chandon, Jean-Paul Gaultier…

Showstoppers. Le Refuge or “The Imaginary World of Marc Ange”, the creation presented by The Invisible Collection in Milan 2017. Unveiled in the garden of the Mediateca di San Teresa in the heart of Milan, Le Refuge is the projection of a childhood memory; Its large leaves form a shelter under the sun, away from reality, just like those of the imaginary jungle that grows in the room of a child who seeks escape.