Background. A graduate of the Camondo school, Pierre Gonalons founded the studio Ascète in 2003 for which he designs all the products. His self-produced collection of furniture, lamps, objects, and watches offers a selection that appeals to the best distributors. In addition, he also assists other brands with product design, interior and event design. His clients include: Chloé, Kiehl’s, Knoll, Lalique, L’Oréal Luxe, and Nina Ricci Parfums. He also produces limited edition items.

Signature. A designer, decorator, creative director, and exhibition designer, he offers a comprehensive vision from which he derives his strength. Born in France and immersed in Italian culture, he advocates for a design that incorporates both decorative art and minimalism.

He loves. The encounter between past and future, the contrast between flashy and discrete, and above all else, materials, which he spotlights with utmost sobriety.

Top pick. His marble pieces with clean lines that infuse his timeless collection of objects and furniture with a distinctly elegant contemporary aplomb.

What’s Up. A collection of single-piece furniture under his own name and new lamps under his Ascète label.  Exhibition of a dozen of his products at the Icon hotel in Hog Kong in May and June 2016, as part of the French May event.