Career. While studying fashion in Paris, Serge Castella spends his time wandering around flea markets and the Louvre. Becoming an antique dealer then becomes evident. He leaves his urban lifestyle unhesitatingly to go back to his Spanish roots. Over the years, his clients ask for his help in selecting objects, tips on decorating… until he fully endorses the role of interior designer for them. He starts his agency in 2006 with Jason Flinn.

Signature style. Including unique and hand-crafted works in a setting they don’t clash with. His golden rule: that the object keeps existing on its own, sober and significant. Historical reconstitutions do not interest him. On the contrary, he harmoniously integrates objects of diverse periods. A confession: mixing antiquities and XXe century designs always works.

He loves. Entering a place for the first time and thinking of what the final result will look like. Letting his work be influenced by each country, region and house. Dalí for Cadaqués, his espadrilles, his talent and freedom. Giacometti and Picasso for their love for the South, their simplicity and their talent that inspire him very much.

Showstoppers. For his poetical approach of places and objects. For his unique associations of natural wood, plaster, unpolished ceramics with objects full of character that he meticulously chooses for timeless results. For his harmonious choices of fabrics and his way of never setting anything aside.

What’s up. Tireless, Serge Castella is currently setting up a big apartment in Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. He is creating a new collection of fabrics in collaboration with Gancedo. He is also about to conceive gardens for the first time, and is working on a countryside house in Russia amongst several other projects.

Photo Credit –  Toni Mateu