Sophie Ashby creates spaces with a unique identity. Their aim is to bring authenticity to each project, not only in the selection of furniture, lighting and art but in its use of a natural palette of materials and textures.

Sophie Ashby draws on her love of colour, contemporary ‘world art’, antique furniture, photography and their latest discoveries in British craft to deliver an eclectic richness to each interior. Sophie has a simple mission, balancing rational and emotional needs to create pieces that are functional but feel warm too. She believes that design should be approachable, not exclusive, and that it can enhance an experience and inspire people. Her nomadic upbringing and love for travel, combined with her artistic sensibility has given her a deep-rooted curiosity in our sense of place, both how we respond to it and how it shapes us in return.

Sophie Ashby plays with the juxtaposition of opposing elements: the raw with the refined, natural with manmade, neutrals with colours, antique with contemporary, the minimal with the rich, the expected and the surprising. She believes there is a poetry in the tension of these combinations, the careful layering which brings character, atmosphere and feeling to interiors.