Serge Castella

Cabinet of Curiosities

13 000

W 200 x D 40 x H 250 cm

W 78.74” x D 15.74” x H 98.42”

Dark Oak


Bespoke finishes upon request


Production lead time : 3 weeks

Handmade in Barcelona


Please contact us for more information or for a bespoke order


+44 (0)7 340 002 928, +33 (0)6 22 33 53 09

Product Description

The “Cabinet of Curiosities” was born directly from the idea to have a piece of furniture that allowed bringing together a collection of objects.
Historically, this was the purpose of a “Cabinet of Curiosities”, a concept that became fashionable during the Renaissance, which is still very much en vogue nowadays.
Jacques Grange created a beautiful “Cabinet de Curiositiés” for Yves Saint Laurent to house his collection, and our initial goal was to do the same, but in a modern way, for a home that we decorated in Geneva.

Our client, an important collector, originally had his collection scattered throughout his house.
As a result, the collection’s visual impact was rather lost. Our desire was to bring this collection together in a harmonious and contemporary way that not only reflected the importance of the collection, but also highlighted the modern aspect of the collector himself.

We designed a pair of these cabinets that flanked the fireplace and in which we placed Mayan and African Art. The cubicles were custom-designed for each piece, while maintaining symmetry as well as the use of a wood veneer that complimented the decoration and collection.

We have since created various interpretations of this “Cabinet of Curiosities”, using different dimensions and finishes. For our clients who desire a soft and modern touch, this Cabinet has
given them the opportunity to live with the artworks that they most cherish.

Serge Castella

Serge Castella

While studying fashion in Paris, Serge Castella spends his time wandering around flea markets and the Louvre. Becoming an antique dealer then becomes evident. He leaves his urban lifestyle unhesitatingly to go back to his Spanish roots where he starts his agency in 2006 with Jason Flinn. Including unique and hand-crafted works in a setting they don’t clash with is his signature style. His golden rule: that the object keeps existing on its own, sober and significant. Historical reconstitutions do not interest him, on the contrary, he harmoniously integrates objects of diverse periods. A confession: mixing antiquities and XXe century designs always works.

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