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Creations Dragonfly

Empreinte Du Temps Stool

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Artistic Direction : Stéphane Parmentier

Limited edition: 12 pieces per year



Ceramic stool with rope embossing

H 48 x D 40 cm

H 18,9″ x D 15,7″


Handmade in France

Production lead time : 4 – 8 weeks


Please contact us for more information or for a bespoke order

+44 (0)7 340 002 928, +33 (0)6 22 33 53 09

Product Description

A ceramist and a potter, Xavier Maffre sometimes wounds his clay around a rope, often models it onto a tower and always fires it in the crimson opening of his Dragon kiln (Anagama). He enjoys the rough softness of red earth, functional and beautiful objects, the hardness re endows to the softness of clay.

The only and perhaps last craftsman to practice the rope technique, Xavier Maffre brings to life pieces that no one else can produce. Around assembled wood rods that outline the projected shape, the artisan wounds a rope that will be modelled with clay.

This technique enables the production of impressive and huge pieces. The rope and the rods are removed before ring. For Créations Dragonfly, Xavier Maffre has accepted to use rope to leave an imprint on the outside of his creations too. Indeed, we wanted to reveal the invisible, to enhance this unique know-how and help preserve it in our own way.

Additional Information

Weight 23 kg
Creations Dragonfly

Creations Dragonfly

Le Domaine des Étangs is a resort unlike any other: a “guestcastle”, a luxurious spa, a Zen haven, a place of exquisite and discreet elegance... Recently opened, the restoration and refurbishment of this magnificent 11th century castle, nestled in a vast natural park graced by the presence of a fantastic pond, lasted five years. It was when meeting all the local craftsmen who worked on the estate’s renovation, that Garance Primat, the ever-so-chic owner of the castle, had the idea of asking them to lend their expert hands to the making of a collection of home objects, thus promoting their unparalleled skills and know-how.

Under the artistic helm of designer Stéphane Parmentier and in close collaboration with Garance Primat, the artisans have created a series of works inspired by the traditional local crafts : Créations Dragonfly. The collection fully embodies Primat’s philosophical approach: the harmonious relation between man and nature, the transmission of knowledge and values, the emotion of beauty, the poetry of fragility, the eternal return of things... 

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