Erwan Boulloud

Mirror Intralucide II

13 965

Limited Edition — 25 pieces 


L 181,80 x W 94,30 cm

L 71,57″ x W 37,12″

Weight : 75 kgs / 165,34 lb

Solid brass with oxydated patinated wax finish


Made in France

Production lead time : 12 weeks

Bespoke orders upon request


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Product Description

This mirror is a continuation of Erwan Boulloud’s previous series of furniture dedicated to the movements of waves and the patterns they create when they collide. It is also inspired by a story of Greek mythology that Erwan loves very much.

It is the story of the god Hermes who climbed Mount Parnassus to go and meet the gods’ old nurses, to ask them to teach him to read the future. He first met Antalia, who taught him to look at the details of the world, and then sent him to meet her sister Rosanna.

Rosanna has a gift for predicting the future: she throws small stones into the water, which, when they fall, form round bubbles of different sizes. Each bubble contains a fragment of the future…. There you have it : this mirror is an imaginary reproduction of the bubbles that form when Rosanna throws the stones. And when you are reflected in it, you may be looking for the future… And at the same time, you see yourself, which is more intimate, hence the name of the piece: Intralucide.

It’s a neologism, a play on words: Rosanna is extra-lucide (the French word for clairvoyant), since she sees the future; when we look at ourselves in this mirror we are turned inwards, towards the intimate… So : intra-lucide!

Erwan Boulloud

Erwan Boulloud

Ecole Boulle graduate, having trained with designers like Hubert Le Gall and Hervé Van Der Straeten, Erwan Boulloud opened his own studio in 2003. A poet with materials, his exceptional furniture, one-off pieces and limited editions, bring together art and techniques to perfection. Furniture and lighting, invite the use of wood, concrete and metal, applied in various ways; raw, polished, mat, scorched, chiselled. His work approaches that of sculpture. Art furniture that is sometimes whimsical but never loses its functional purpose.

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