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Reda Amalou

DOT Side Table


D 41 x H 45 cm

D 16.14” x H 17.71”

Hand polished lacquered wood

Color : Tangerine


Available immediately

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Product Description

The DOT collection is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Asian stool. Famous for their originality, but especially their quality, these stools inspired Reda Amalou to create a collection that focused on the material. Very strong visually, the pieces take their strength and character from the materials they are crafted from. Made from solid wood and hand polished to create a sleek surface. The lacquer is applied so the surface maintains its high gloss finish. These products are handmade and variations may occur from piece to piece. The eggshell lacquer used for the Dot is a precious and delicate finish. In order to obtain the fine white cracked effect, real duck egg shells are used. They are washed and cleaned, baked to extract all dampness and then broken up in small pieces. It is sanded down and lacquered with 18 to 21 coats of clear lacquer to obtain a perfect smooth surface. Depending on the desired finish, the lacquers are clear, amber or black. For darker coloured egg shell, it is obtained through the roasting of the shells to create subtle shades of browns.

Reda Amalou

Reda Amalou

Proud of his French and Algerian dual culture, Reda Amalou is a citizen of the world that feeds on the cultures that surround and surprise him. Born in Paris, he studied in London at East London University and worked for twenty years on numerous hotel projects in Asia with a strong ecological tropism. His combination of minimalism, elegance and sobriety expressed in curves and noble materials, deep lacquer, bronze, leather, gives a strong sense of luxury to his collection.


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