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Mayaro Editions


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Designed by Virieu di Petrillo for Mayaro


Limited edition – 12 pieces


Without the Saturn Ring (for 4 pers.) :

L 140 x W 77 x H 75 cm / L 55.12″ x W 30.31″ x H 29.58″

With the Saturn Ring (for 10 pers.) :

L 210 x W 115 x H 75 cm / L 82.68″ x W 45.27″ x H 29.58″


Tabletop and Saturn ring in ash tree

Discover the wood finishes available

Steel foot treated with hematite for a rusty effect

Bespoke dimensions and wood upon request


Handmade in France

Production lead time : 3 – 4 months


Please contact us for more information or for a bespoke order


+44 (0)7 340 002 928, +33 (0)6 22 33 53 09

Product Description

The Saturn Table is built by a master cabinetmaker with a removable ring of wood which acts as an extension. This wooden ring can become a decorative piece once hung on the wall when the table is set for four, or extend the table to host a dinner for ten. It has been imagined by Virieu di Petrillo in collaboration with the Iota Element Atelier.

Mayaro Editions

Mayaro Editions

For their first series of pieces in the Craft Editions Collection, Mayaro partnered with designers Godefroy de Virieu and Stefania di Petrillo inspired by their sensibility to gestures and the emotion which lies within hand-crafted objects. At present, de Virieu is the AD of “Petit H” collection, by Hermès. Each piece is made-to-measure, and inspired by imaginary travels: a balloon in the sky, a trip to Saturn, a walk in a chestnut forest, a visit to a jeweller’s atelier… The signature style of this first edition is the mix of natural, almost raw materials such as wicker or chestnut wood, with leather and rusted metal: all elements that become even more beautiful with the patina of time.  Other statement pieces embody the know-how of cabinet maker IOTA Element, such as the Suspended bookcase which can hide or reveal a secret window, the delicate weavings of Frédérique Lamagnère, or the ethereal yet luxurious feather fans by Duvelleroy.

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