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Vincent Darré

Sofa Conversation

8 200

L 157 x W 67 x H 132 cm
L 61.81’’ x W 26.3’’ x H 40.55’’

Legs and structure in walnut upholstered with Kvadrat wool fabric

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Handmade by craftsmen

Production lead time : 6 weeks


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Product Description

Like cats, Vincent Darré has had several lives, slipping from fashion to interior design, making his homes the laboratory of his extravagant creativity. He is said to be fantastic and baroque, Vincent is especially free and delicate, with an unforgettable dandy allure.
In exclusivity for The Invisible Collection, Maison Darré offers a complete collection of its iconic furniture.
“The Conversation collection is a tribute paid to the great Salvador Dali and more specifically to the Archeological Reminiscence Millet’s Angelus. Framed by a baroque cornice, following the silhouettes of the two figures. Cecil Beaton had immortalized the mythical couple Gala and Dali holding the two paintings; this picture is for me a perspective of infinity. From these cut-out shadows, I imagined sofas, armchairs, brightly colored chairs conversing in a surrealist lounge.”
Vincent Darré

Vincent Darré

Vincent Darré has had several lives, slipping from fashion to interior design, making his homes the laboratory for his extravagant creativity. Said to be fantastic and baroque, Vincent Darré is especially free and agile with a theatrical lifestyle that is close to his heart and references an imaginary past. Vincent Darré embodies timeless luxury à la Française, as well as decorative arts. The colours of his collections are rich, his pieces follow one another but are always unique, prompting each visitor to shift from one mood to the next. His collection of chairs, sofas and armchairs is a formal invitation to a lively conversation.

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