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Louise Liljencrantz

SSU 02 Coffee Table

From 22 050

Materials available : Walnut or Mahogany

Finishes : solid wood with gradient angles dependant on the radius of the form, pigmented oil based wax. Available with rough or smooth sides.

Two sizes available :

Medium : L 150 x H 30 x Ø 96 cm / L 59″ x H 12″ x 37″

Large : L 172 x H 30 x Ø 110 cm / L 67.7″ x H 12″ x Ø 43.3″


Handmade in Stockholm, Sweden

Production lead time : 12 weeks


+44 (0)7 340 002 928, +33 (0)6 22 33 53 09

Product Description

This coffee table in solid wood stands as an anchor point in an impeccably decorated living room. Swedish designer Louise Liljencrantz has created a piece that conveys a feel of elegant robustness and at the same time of delicate lightness, as the top gradually decreases towards its base. The Sunny Side Up handmade coffee table is available in Walnut or Mahogany.

Louise Liljencrantz

Louise Liljencrantz

Louise Liljencrantz's signature style combines the heritage and modernity of mid-century Scandinavian furniture with the epure and the know-how of Swedish Cabinet Makers. “Creating without compromise requires courage and perseverance”. Her first collection where only the hand of one craftsman and the design of the one designer have intervened laid the ground for her style and know-how. Three wood species have been chosen, the pieces were literally carved then burned and oiled according to ancestral techniques. Louise has always collaborated with artisans for her interior design projects and custom furniture in the vein and respect of the great Scandinavian designers…

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