Atelier Février

my block rug

Bespoke | From £1 350
incl. VAT*
The Invisible Collection My Block Rug Atelier Février

Price per square meter
90% Himalayan wool, 10% silk
120 knots
Bespoke colours


Dimensions upon request


Hand-knotted in Nepal
Production time: 3 – 4 months

Please contact us for a bespoke order or to request a sample

Partner in real life, French designer Florian Pretet and the Nepale entrepreneur Lisa Mukhia Pretet share a passion for craftsmanship that lead them to create Atelier Fevrier together. Florian Pretet replicates his designs onto rugs precisely as they are on paper, they are then hand-knotted in the Himalayas following age-old techniques that have been passed down through generations. They believe that "the beauty of our rugs not only lies in the design and the technique but also in the fact that each rug can be unique and customised."

Their eco-friendly rugs fuse modern art with traditional design to create truly unique centrepieces. Each rug is the result of a combined workforce of more than 50 people. Every process is done by hand for a natural aesthetic; the designs begin as hand- rendered drawings on paper then scaled up and hand-knotted in Nepal. This rug is part of the first collection curiously titled Numero Deux. It is based on the drawings made by Florian Pretet on his moleskin over the years. It is inspired by the designer's love for traditional patterns he came across during his travel in Asia.

The Invisible Collection My Block Rug Atelier Février

Atelier Février

my block rug

Bespoke | £1 350
incl. VAT*

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Atelier Février

Founders of Atelier Février, Florian Pretet and Lisa Mukhia Pretet design together outstanding rugs skillfully hand-knotted in Nepal. Their pieces are the epitome of contemporary art fused with traditonal craftsmanship.

A graduate from the Parisian Fashion School Studio Bercot, Florian Pretet is a French designer who worked several years for a prestigious French fashion brand that led him to Kathmandu. Through Atelier Février, he breathes life into his drawing, translating them into beautiful design pieces.

Born and raised between Darjeeling and Kathmandu – where traditions are the culture’s cornerstone – Lisa Mukhia Pretet is  a keen entrepreneur with strong love for fashion and craft. Her work experience, exposing her to vernacular techniques, brought froward her fascination for craftsmanship that have been passed along for generations.

Real life partners, coming from different cultural and professional backgrounds, their association is drawn from those common passions for art, fashion, craft and expertise.

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