Marc Ange

le refuge de la nuit

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The Invisible Collection Le Refuge De La Nuit Marc Ange

Limited edition: 10 pieces per colour and finish combination
King-size bed / day-bed
Base available in different materials: wood, marble or terrazzo
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Leaves and palms upholstered with same fabric as headboard and bed spread
Two integrated lamps on each side, controlled by switches on the headboard


L 300 x W 270 x H 290 cm
L 118” x W 106” x H 114”
Total weight: 400 kilos (base) + 320 kilos (leaf)


Handmade in Italy
Production lead time: upon request

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Marc Ange is keeping from his childhood memories the deliberate confusion between the real and the unreal. This creation is based on this confusion. The Refuge or ‘the Imaginary World of Marc Ange’ is a shelter for all people dreaming to escape for a while. It is a place where one finds comfort and peace. Its large leaves form a shelter under the sun, away from reality, just like those of the imaginary jungle that grows in the room of a child who seeks escape. The maestro succeeded to create a refuge, a secret and magical garden.
Like a dream, the piece is modular. It is possible to choose the colour as well as the base. This extraordinary piece requires 500 hours of work from the craftsman.

The Invisible Collection Le Refuge De La Nuit Marc Ange

Marc Ange

le refuge de la nuit

Bespoke | £100 734
incl. VAT*

Marc Ange

After spending his childhood in the Holy City of Rome, Marc Ange started his design career working for big names of the Italian automobile industry. When opening his own design studio in Paris, Bloom Room, Marc Ange kept his confused childhood memories torn between real and surreal, which guide each of his creations. The taste for beauty, perfection and harmony combined with a clear inclination for surrealism and the proliferation of the fantastic in all his creations defined his style.

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