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pilule chandelier

The Invisible Collection Pilule Chandelier Jeremy Maxwell

Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert
Freehand-blown glass, incalmo technique
Available colours:
Feu: Opale White & Amber
Feu: Opale White & Bronze
Feu: Opale White & Grey
Feu: Opale White & Sargasso Green
Feu: Opale White & Tea
Pastel: Blue & Latte
Pastel: Heliotrope & Latte
Pastel: Opale White & Latte
Light bulb: LED x1 / 10 W
Stem finishes: polished brass or brushed brass
Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert’s work is freehand-blown, each piece is unique and sizes indicated are average sizes only, dimensions can vary.


L 40 x W 30 x H 50 cm
L 15,7″ x W 11,8″ x H 19,7″

Standard Stem Sizes
S 30 cm / 11,8″
M 50 cm / 19,7″
L 70 cm / 27,6″


Handmade in Paris, France
Production lead time: 3 – 4 months

Please contact us for more information or for a bespoke order

The Invisible Collection Pilule Chandelier Jeremy Maxwell

JMW Studio

pilule chandelier


JMW Studio

Freehand glassblowing, one of the variants of glassblowing: Jeremy Maxwell-Wintrebert makes his own glass in his studio/workshop, using an oven heated to 1280° C. Fusion is a technical process that requires concentration, patience and vigilance, Jeremy never uses a rigid mould to create the final shape of an object. He draws not only from the skills and know-how that he has been developing for over twenty years, but also from mastered gestures, the intelligence of his hand, and the experience of his eye, constantly playing with gravity, movement and the temperature of the material.

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