An Inner Journey By Bismut & Bismut

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An Inner Journey By Bismut & Bismut

At Holiday House London

Holiday House, the acclaimed design and philanthropic venture works alongside the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), helping to raise crucial funds for the prevention and cure of breast cancer. Highly successful in the US, this project is coming to London for its first edition, inviting globally established designers into its home.


As one of its participants, The Invisible Collection commissions contemporary duo Bismut & Bismut to present an intimate, luxurious yet contemporary boudoir. Exhibiting five limited edition pieces, authentic collectible furniture.


Bismut brother’s boudoir is reminiscent of those in large family houses. A chic aesthetic intertwined with elements of mystery, set in a consoling and warming atmosphere, associated with contemporary art pieces curated by the art of this century from DSL collection and Hauser & Wirth.


The space displays a wealth of materials, combining a variety of shapes and textural surfaces. A black marble console and blackened metal set against a midnight blue wall in juxtaposition with waxed plaster, ebony and rushes of dark bronze. Furniture composed of polished stainless steel and titanium, edged with softer woolly textiles come together to create an eclectic yet harmonious yin and yang environment.


Having been affected by breast cancer in their surroundings and both mothers of young girls, Anna Zaoui and Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays are determined to join the battle to find a cure for this disease and aim to instil a similar spirit of commitment in their daughters and teams.


Anna Zaoui, now board member of Holiday House London, appreciates that merging the interior design industry with a charity creates a unique avenue to reach a new audience, encouraging people to support a brilliant cause.


The choice of two male designers, two brothers above all, was no coincidence.


Stay tuned, more information are coming about the second room presented at Holiday House by The Invisible Collection: the Sun bedroom designed by Pierre Gonalons.


Holiday House, 59 & 61 Hamilton Terrace,

London, NW8 9RG

Michel & Daniel Bismut

Brothers, architects and designers, the duo have always followed their taste for clean lines, which emphasises light and perspective. From visual identities to interior design and furniture design, they have a cross-disciplinary approach. Their signature materials – Stucco, glass, wood – give a jewel box quality to everything they touch. From the conception of a building to the detail of a door handle or a piece of furniture, they revisit the classics, without dismissing the object’s story, whilst continuing to project a contemporary vision.

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