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Tv room or Boudoir? Daniel Bismut

What's your favorite room at home? The Invisible Collection asked this very personal question to Daniel Bismut

“Full disclosure: here is the one room I left almost untouched in the entire apartment…


Just this room: quite bemusing, don’t you think? I simply added a few elements, a table, a daybed and the sofas, and it felt just right.


I love this room because, given its small size, it brings out the intimacy of a boudoir. It is always a matter of proportions and space: three or four people gathered in our living room would feel “lost”, whereas in here it is cozy, warm and friendly.


I think that every home should have a “small room” where the family can gather. It’s like a small luxury, even when you are by yourself, when you just want to relax and read a book, and you don’t want to feel “alone” in a big space.


For us, it is a nice alternative to the kitchen, where we inevitably end up. However, after the meal we gather here, to watch a movie, play some games, or simply enjoy the feeling of togetherness.”



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